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30 August 2013 @ 11:44 pm

F R I E N D S / O N L Y

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From August 2010 I will now be Friends Only, simply because I've started posting more personal and I only want friends to see it. I'll be posting icons, graphics etc at mybadromance .

summerdisregard  owns my lj heart.


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12 May 2011 @ 09:42 pm


and comment with yours, pls. I need to get into the hang of this.

Sorry i've been so MIA too. I will post, I promise.
25 December 2010 @ 01:20 am

i love you all so much :')
15 December 2010 @ 09:05 pm
I'm so boreddd right now!

Does anyone want to give me an icon challenge to do? Or requests? Or..ideas? I'm just soso bored.

Nothing much else is happening with life. I break up from college tomorrow, yay. Oh and i'm freaking glad Matt won The X Factor, he was my favourite apart from Aiden of course <3

How are you all?

04 November 2010 @ 09:26 pm

Howdy..I thought i'd update with the Halloween news! I didn't get any photo's..well a few but not great ones :( I was more focused on getting ready and partying till the night turned to morning..all that stuff. It was fun! I went to my friends and then we got ready basic..so I put my outfit on..straightened my hair, put some basic make up on. Then we went to one of her friends house, I was quite nervous because I didn't know anyone..but they were really nice! We had some cocktails and some wine and then two of them who are both hairdressers and beauty therapists decided my hair and make up wasn't good enough for a night out and so they took me and changed me, sprayed me with blood, etc..the result of my hair, face and arms is under the cut. 

That's me on the right :) and one of my best friends! She was dressed as a woman with spider webs all over her..freaky! Anyway I don't look that different. I had a blue dress and apron as for the Alice look then my arms were just red raw with fake blood. It took me 2 days to get it all off!

Nothing much is happening with me. College is going good. We're editing and making mini animations of ourselves now so it's fun! I can't believe it's November already..seriously..it's going to be Christmas before we know it! I've wrote all my gifts down so I just need to start shopping.

My mother has been annoying me so much lately. It's like once every month now when we have an arguement and she'll shout at me saying "i'm a selfish nasty bitch" so yeah..it's just happened actually about 15 minutes ago. The reason? Because i'm in my room with my headphones, she comes to my door and says "what's wrong you're quiet" so I reply with "i'm listening to music" and then she goes off on one saying I have an attitude problem and that if I want to be like that then she won't talk to me ever again. It's just so pathetic but it pisses me off so much. She only talks to me when whatever she's watching is in break! Yet I get hurled abuse at because i'm listening to music. Fuck her. Fuck it. Fuck everything. It's times like this when I start to wonder what the hell i'm doing anymore. Urgh. 

Hope you're all okay! I'm going to check all your entries now.
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20 August 2010 @ 01:36 am

So when I said I was getting my laptop back, I thought I was, fast forward a week, and I have it back, wiped, with nothing. I don't even know if I have the energy to load anything onto it. Sighh.

I'm feeling so depressed lately, I don't know what's getting into me. Life just sucks constantly. I've done nothing but work and read Harry Potter lately, yet even he can't make me smile.

I'm sorry I took so long and I apologise for not commenting on your entries, i'll do it now/tomorrow!

What have you guys been up to? Tell me about your week! I've missed you.

P.s - does anyone know where the lj user "soulofblood" has gone to? She's disapeared from my friends, and her journal/twitter has been deleted. You can PM me if you like. found her! thank you roseblues !

P.p.s - I had a dream where I was at Hogwarts and me and Draco fell madly in love..it was weird.

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